Brick Freedom

A LEGO® project I have been working on for the past few months.

Not much to see at the moment, but some exciting updates in the pipeline.

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Web Hosting Service

I have offered a Web Hosting Service for around 7 years now.

I am not currently looking for new customers.

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Why the EU Cookie law is complete crap plus a few exceptions

20th April 2012

This is just a quick one to show you how ridiculous the EU Cookie law is before it's even been implemented on the 26th May 2012.

TwitPic Exporter is back up and running

16th March 2012

Well, I finally had a few hours spare over the past couple of evenings and decided to finally get my TwitPic Exporter back up and running.

Grand Prix Story - How do you start a new game/save?

15th September 2011

Just a quick one. I have noticed quite a few comments about how to start a new game in Kairosoft's Grand Prix Story.

  • How do you start a new game in Grand Prix Story?
  • Can't delete previous 2 games?
  • Please tell me how to start a new game?
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