Why the EU Cookie law is complete crap plus a few exceptions

20th Apr 2012

This is just a quick one to show you how ridiculous the EU Cookie law is before it's even been implemented on the 26th May 2012.

Information Commissioner's Office

Ok here is the Information Commissioner's Office cookie acceptance request. So let's say I don't have a clue and do not want to accept, maybe if I click continue then it will go away. Well, that would be wrong, clicking continue without accepting comes up with.
"You must tick the 'I accept cookies from this site' box to accept."
Now the impression I get is 90% of the people who use the internet will think
  • I must accept it or
  • I will accept it as I hate that damn box at the top of my screen

TwitPic Exporter is back up and running

16th Mar 2012

Well I finally had a few hours spare over the past couple of evenings and decided to finally get my TwitPic Exporter back up and running.

Grand Prix Story - How do you start a new game/save?

15th Sep 2011

Just a quick one. I have noticed quite a few comments about how to start a new game in Kairosoft's Grand Prix Story.

  • How do you start a new game in Grand Prix Story?
  • Can't delete previous 2 games?
  • Please tell me how to start a new game?

Chrome Extension - Delete all TwitPic images in one click

23rd Jun 2011

I have created my first Chrome Extension and to tell you the truth it was pretty painless and that was probably due to the comprehensive documentation that Google created.

Why delete my TwitPic images?

You might be asking why can I not just delete my TwitPic account, well the problem with that is by deleting the account you still give TwitPic the right to use the image's you posted. The only way that TwitPic will stop using your images is by actually deleting each image which can be a tedious task if you have a few 100. Yeah, TwitPic really does suck in every way.

Started hosting my own images - no more relying on twitpic or third party

6th Jun 2011

Well ongoing from my why you need to stop using TwitPic right now post I decided that the safest route to protect my images was to go self-hosting.

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