This is just a quick one to show you how ridiculous the EU Cookie law is before it's even been implemented on the 26th May 2012.

Information Commissioner's Office

Ok here is the Information Commissioner's Office cookie acceptance request.

So let's say I don't have a clue and do not want to accept, maybe if I click continue then it will go away. Well, that would be wrong, clicking continue without accepting comes up with.

"You must tick the 'I accept cookies from this site' box to accept."
Now the impression I get is 90% of the people who use the internet will think
  • I must accept it or
  • I will accept it as I hate that damn box at the top of my screen

The Cookie Collective

Then I found this one which is even better, a constant box that has only one option 'Allow'.

No doubt a lot more sites that have started to implement this would have gone down the same route.

The Problem

The law is pretty pointless if web admin/developers are going to make it so they push you towards accepting anyway.

My first thought was adding a No option which could be recorded using Sessions and then at least remove the box for the users duration on the site. Granted when they come back they will have to say No again but for sites, I visit once or at least not regularly it could be a solution.

Obviously, none of these sites owners wants people to say No and wants you to use cookies so I don't see this happening.

Myths & Exceptions

I have been reading a lot of comments about people complaining about cookie usage in shopping baskets. Well according to the new law we do have some exceptions. One of them being...
A cookie used to remember the goods a user wishes to buy when they proceed to the checkout or add goods to their shopping basket

Also, another one, for example, is for online banking services...

Certain cookies providing security that is essential to comply with the security requirements of the seventh data protection principle for an activity the user has requested

Lastly, you have

cookies that distribute page loading workload across numerous computers to speed up loading time