Well, I finally had a few hours spare over the past couple of evenings and decided to finally get my TwitPic Exporter back up and running.

TwitPic Redesign

Back in the middle of January TwitPic had a major redesign which in turn completely killed my TwitPic Exporter. The source code changed for most of TwitPic's web pages which meant my scraper screwed up completely.


Posterous importer has now been disabled due to API changes on the Posterous end. Now that Twitter has acquired Posterous it might not be the safest place for your TwitPic data anyway.

In the redesign, they have also changed the date format which means that photos posted after 7 days will not be 100% accurate. We are talking about a few hours though not a few days.

What else?

Nothing else and the best news is that exporting your photos from TwitPic you will still have the following options.
  • Save to file (gzip/zip) / General Backup
  • Flickr
  • Wordpress
  • MobyPicture
  • yFrog
  • Tumblr
  • TwitrPix
  • Picasa