This is a quick guide to changing the .plist file for more money in Game Dev Story. Be warned that you will need to be using a jailbroken iPhone as you will need SSH access to use this hack. Any questions just post them in the comments and I will try to help you out.

Step by Step Guide

  • First you need to double check the exact amount of money you have. Here you can see both the auto-save and standard save have $500.0k
  • Download the following Hex Editor, you can use other Hex Editors but my guide will be using this one. Don't worry it's free to use!
    Hex Workshop 6.0.1 Professional Hex Editor - Download Page : Direct Download
  • Now connect to your iPhone with SSH and download the .plist file from your iphone.
    What you will notice is that {RANDOM} is obviously not the correct folder name and this is because it's random for every person. Mine for example is this F0E2FC76-D51E-448B-A5D5-B00CAAB342A7. The problem is that the only way you can find out the correct folder is by either knowing the date you installed it or deleting it and installing it again which will change it to todays date. You can also just check every single folder in Applications until you find one with inside it (as shown on the right).
  • Open up the .plist file in the Hex Editor and then do a search (Ctrl-F) for your money... Here is a few examples of what to search for.
    $500.0k - Search for 5000 $430.0k - Search for 4300 $25000.0k - Search for 250000
    Basically you remove the dot and enter that number into the search box as shown to the right. Note: Make sure you change the 'Type' setting to 32 Bit Unsigned Long.
  • Now upload the .plist file back to the same place, open up Game Dev Story and you will have a shed load of money.
If you do have any problems just leave a comment and I will come back to you.

What is Game Dev Story?