I have created my first Chrome Extension and to tell you the truth it was pretty painless and that was probably due to the comprehensive documentation that Google created.

Why delete my TwitPic images?

You might be asking why can I not just delete my TwitPic account, well the problem with that is by deleting the account you still give TwitPic the right to use the image's you posted. The only way that TwitPic will stop using your images is by actually deleting each image which can be a tedious task if you have a few 100. Yeah, TwitPic really does suck in every way.

This is why I decided to create this extension as I noticed people were using my TwitPic Exporter and just deleting the account without removing the images. So here you go it's easy to install and twice as easy to use.

Why use an extension?

Quite simple really it's quick, easy and means my TwitPic Exporter website does not need to hit TwitPic website hundreds if not thousands of times.

What to do?


Google Extension: Delete TwitPic