Further to yesterdays post regarding finding a short twitter name I decided to have a go at 5 letter user names. In total I tested 8837 user names with the results below.

This time I actually found 109 Twitter user names that are not taken, granted most of them are complete nonsense.

@airns, @askoi, @awned, @axils, @baulk, @buhls, @byrls, @cnida, @cobbs, @coxae, @cozes, @crura, @cuifs, @culch, @dopas, @duads, @eaved, @eches, @epees, @feods, @feuar, @fiscs, @foins, @fowls, @fyces, @girns, @gluer, @gnawn, @goxes, @gybed, @heeds, @howfs, @imide, @imped, @iodid, @jaups, @kists, @knawe, @knurs, @loxed, @luged, @neifs, @nonyl, @nowts, @odyls, @ohias, @oohed, @opahs, @orbed, @orzos, @ouphs, @ovoli, @oxims, @phpht, @poufs, @psoae, @psoai, @punji, @qophs, @quale, @quass, @queys, @rotls, @rowth, @ruers, @ryked, @shuln, @slojd, @smote, @sprug, @stied, @stoae, @stowp, @syces, @teind, @teugh, @toeas, @tsked, @twaes, @udons, @ulvas, @umiaq, @umped, @unled, @unlet, @unmew, @unrig, @unwet, @upbye, @updry, @ureic, @urger, @uveas, @vasts, @vires, @vughs, @wawls, @winze, @yaups, @yawls, @yecch, @yechs, @yirrs, @yirth, @yodhs, @yowed

5 Letter Words