Brick Freedom Working On Now

A LEGO® project that will be soon spreading its wings. Exciting times ahead.

The big update is coming, you can keep an eye on the tickets left below for progress.
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Personal Web Hosting Services

Started over 7 years ago with Friends/Family and then has just got bigger.

Was initially not interested in expanding due to the time commitment.
Over Christmas though, I moved to my own platform (no more FreshBooks) which means I could have closer integration with the services I offer and the payments taken from the customer.
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Website Reskin Request Client

The client would like to update their website as it's starting to look a bit dated. Additionally, they have agreed to move Web Hosting over to my own Hosting Services 👍
Last Worked On · Live Release · 5 years ago

This Site

My Personal Domain.

Holds most of my Side Projects.
Last Worked On · Add 'Working Now' Label · 5 years ago

Piggy Bank

Started over 10 years ago.
Was running on a local server for 7 of those. 🤓

Personal Finances app that can connect to all 3 of my banks and merge the running statements. Everything I build is for convenience. 👍

No intention to make it public.
Last Worked On · Two Factor Authentication · 5 years ago

Ebay Bargain Hunter

Created this back in 2017. It does two things extremely well. It alerts me instantly to LEGO eBay items that are posted that are considered a superb bargain. Secondly, it snipes items at the last possible moment.

It's quite possible this will be made public in the future.