Well I have made a list of 41 twitter accounts that you might be interested in following. We have 5 categories.

  • Celebrity (11)
  • Tech (10)
  • Information (7)
  • Funny (7)
  • Mine (6)
If you have been around Twitter for a while then you probably have come across some of these at some point, not a reason to skip it though.


Stephen Fry Twitter


Kevin Rose Twitter


Boris Johnson Twitter
  • @mayoroflondon - Boris Johnson (Mayor Of London)
  • @wldaily - Wine Library (Wine Library's Daily Offerings)
  • @sonyplaystation - Sony Playstation
  • @wordpress - WordPress
  • @delloutlet - Dell (Official Refurbished Dell computers & electronics) - They have many accounts so check out www.dell.com/twitter.
  • @algore - Al Gore (I put it under information because any post he does make is more about climate. Which is good. :)
  • @tinybuddha - Tiny Buddha (Quotes from the wise)

Funny (All Fake)

Borat Twitter


This is a few selected users from the 160+ people I follow. I tried to keep it to people with less than 5000 followers because 5000+ generally will go in the categories above.